What If You Didn't Understand Your Answer?

In meditation (or prayer) you've asked a question to obtain guidance from Spirit. 


You don't understand the answer or feel you didn't get an answer. What now?


First let's look at the most important part of your answer...the question: The quality of the answer is determined by the quality of the question.


Sometimes what we're really asking is "How can I make this pain stop?" That will get a vague response.


How can you ask a better question? phrase the question differently?


Spend time considering your situation in detail. Yes, it will most likely be an uncomfortable process but it provides the clarity you need. THEN create the question.


"Should I do this?" is a poor question.


Hint: if the question starts "Should I..." it's probably looking for a way to stop pain instead of getting guidance!


How can it be improved? One suggestion might be "If I do this, will it move me further along the path of my life purpose?"


Bottom line: give yourself the opportunity to really think about the situation before posing the question.


Next, when in your meditation, make sure you're at that perfect place where you know you're successful at getting guidance. Some people call it "being in the groove".


Perhaps you need to go deeper. How? One of the simplest ways is to count downward from 100 to 1...any number down to 1 will do. There's something about counting down that causes almost anybody to relax.


Then, assume your answer is coming at any moment. All you have to do is be 'on the alert' for it.


In Silva classes we often talk about this when discussing use of The Glass of Water technique yet it's true virtually all the time. We ask questions, look for Guidance, on a regular basis.


Bottom line: what we look for, we find. This applies to answers, ideas, opportunities...everything! Keep your eyes focused on what you desire and you'll see it.


Barbara Hawkins

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