What Is & How Is "Faith" Important in Silva?

Many people talk about faith and how important it is, but few really understand what faith is. Here is Jose Silva's explanation:

It is important to have faith. But to have it, we must first know what it is and understand it.

Faith is composed of Desire, Belief, and Expectancy. Let us take a look at those three components of faith in some detail, to see how we can increase them.


Desire stems from need. When there is a genuine need, you have genuine desire. This is important because it is a motive force,compelling us towards our goals.

There is little desire in luxuries because there is no real need, but there is great desire when necessities are lacking because life itself can be threatened. To develop your abilities, seek out the problems and help correct them. Then later, when you have more experience, you will be better able to attain the luxuries.

This, we believe, is why we were guided to be successful in developing the Silva Method, the only system of mind training ever developed to help people learn to use the alpha level and the subjective, spiritual, dimension consciously to correct problems on our planet. Many other systems have copied our, but no one else has originated such a system.

Throughout our research, we worked on real, existing problem cases. While other researchers chose to have psychics guess what was on ESP cards, or try to control the throw of the dice, we were having our subjects detect health problems, and other kinds of problems, and then do whatever they thought would help correct the problems.

This kind of effort paid off. It seems as though a diseased human organ, or injured human tissue, calls out somehow for help. Therefore it is easier to become aware of a problem that of something that is not a problem.

We see so-called miracles when desire - that is, need is very strong. When a person has a great need - for instance, when life is threatened - then there is so much desire that it will carry the other two factors even if they are very weak. All three factors must be there, but one very strong factor can carry the others.

Belief is what sustains you along the way from the motivation of your desire to the target of your expectancy. Desire pushes and motivates you, belief keeps you going, and expectancy is your goal, your target.

How can you build a stronger belief factor?

As long as you continue to practice, you are expressing your belief. You can build more belief by repeating (attending and repeating the SLS and SIT) the Basic Lecture Series, reading all the books available, and staying involved in graduate activities.

At your level, check your belief systems: Do you believe your goal is possible? If not, establish interim goals that are believable to you.

Do you believe you deserve what you are seeking? If you have any doubt, then start doing something to serve humanity and to correct problems that you see. When you are correcting problems, without creating any new problems, then you will receive all that you need to continue your work. Promises don't count - you must demonstrate your service first.

Expectancy is the goal. Expectancy grows through repeated successes. It is important to practice as much as possible to increase expectancy.

So develop your expectancy factor through practice. But remember to practice on the right things: the problem areas, not the luxuries. When you are more proficient, then you will be able to obtain all the luxuries you need. You notice I said need - not necessarily all you desire, but all you need.

In developing the ability to use your mind more effectively, you must do the same as when developing your muscles: practice, practice, practice....
...First, learn to find and consciously use the alpha dimension... Then help correct the problems... The luxuries will come later.

Develop your ability to function at alpha. Develop your faith. Apply all of this to the correction of problems that hurt the inhabitants of our planet, and the planet itself, and you will eventually achieve all that you need and much, much more.

by Jose Silva

Article provided by SIGA (Silva International Grad Assoc.)

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