What Jose Silva Did That Napolean Hill Did Not!

Jose Silva did something that nobody else had done:

He used electronic equipment to see what was going on inside of the ultra successful people, and he found a way to teach all of us to do what they do. Here is an article he wrote several years ago.

Written by JOSE SILVA

Napoleon Hill spent 20 years observing the most successful people in the world and studying what they did and how they did it.

He wrote about what he observed, and taught courses on it.

He spoke of how they all had a definite chief aim in life, how they had great desire and enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and much more.

All of these are mental traits, not physical. They all arise from within the person.

Yet Hill was only able to study them from an objective - outer - left brain - point of view.

He studied - and taught - the effect, not the cause.

He was not able to teach how to make changes within, so he taught people to imitate the actions of 
successful people. This is very different from becoming like the successful people.

So instead of installing these characteristics from within, he tried to force them in from the outside, because that's all he knew how to do.

If you imitate the actions of successful people, eventually you might internalize some of it. If you do 
enough, for long enough, it is sure to help you. 

Some people are even able to internalize it, to make it their own, so that their actions spring from within, instead of merely being on the outside.

A few people - the ten percent or so who are natural alpha - right brain - thinkers, were able to internalize these ideals, and they went on to become huge successes in their lives.

Meanwhile, all the other people who tried to follow the teachings and failed to achieve much success, thought of themselves as failures, as somehow falling short because they were lazy or dumb or something.

But that's not true! They often worked just as hard, acted just as enthusiastic as the most successful 
person, and imitated all of the other characteristics that Hill wrote about.

So why didn't they succeed?

Because they were trying to shove it in from the outside. They were dealing with effects, not causes.

Any success book or success course will work for some people. It will work for some of the ten percent or so who are natural alpha - right brain - thinkers. That's why you will always see some people who swear by a success book or success course. They are the lucky few who can get it to work for them. These books and courses are always authored by successful people who are successful because they are natural alpha - right brain - thinkers.

Some people who are not natural alpha - right brain - thinkers can follow the instructions in the success books and imitate the successful and become successful themselves. These are usually people who have great energy and drive. But even then, their success is limited.

Not because they are lazy or dumb, but because they have never learned how to enter the alpha level with conscious awareness, and remain at the alpha level when they become mentally active, so that they can use their right brain hemisphere to think with, so that they can get subjective information through the right brain hemisphere - that is, they can read minds.

It is much more difficult to achieve much success when you are not able to enter alpha and think with your right brain hemisphere and detect information mentally, information that is not available to your physical senses, and send information mentally, through subjective means.

It is much like a person who has never learned to read or write. They can still get by in the world, but it is more difficult, and their options are more limited.  There are many fields that are not open to a person who cannot read or write. 

Even a person who is a slow reader and a mediocre writer can usually go much farther than a person with high energy and great intelligence who is illiterate.

A person who is illiterate is not dumb, is not necessarily lazy. A person who does not know how to enter the alpha level with conscious awareness, and become mentally active while remaining at the alpha level, is not dumb, is not necessarily lazy.

These are skills that anybody can learn by using the Silva Method techniques. And everybody should learn, if we are to solve the problems of the world.

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