Where I've been

While I'm busy with social media and the coaching class and...so much...I apologize that this blog hasn't been higher on my 'list'.

In 1988 I met a lovely lady who became my sister-by-another-marriage. She is a dear person and missing her is one of the few things that cause me to miss KY. Last year she became ill and is currently in hospital...dying. It's grief to me that I cannot be with her...to hold her hand...do things for her...and let her know that I care deeply about her. I trust she knows these things already.

Using the lab/counselors I've stayed in touch and done healing work on her. It gives me a lot of comfort to do that.

Having lost other family and friends over the years, I'm reminded of how important it is to stay in touch, to say I love you, to hug and to have fun together.

Staying in touch applies to Silva Grads too. I feel that so many have become friends and I care a lot about them.

I'd love your thoughts about this.


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