Why Meditation?

Would you like to have more peace, health, happiness and abundance in your life?
Have you identified the things that provide or create them?
Are you doing these things yet?
Interesting questions, aren't they.
One of the things that I KNOW brings more peace, health, happiness and abundance is meditation. If you're a Silva Method Graduate, you've heard me (or another instructor) talking about this. You may sort of know that meditation does this but still not spend time regularly experiencing that quiet time...meditation.
Ask yourself "Why?" or "Why not?" What's so hard about taking 10 or 15 minutes a day to sit still, eyes closed, and experience the quiet?
Part of the answer may be that you think you have to DO something to be of value, to be of worth, to be effective and productive. Yet the 'busyness' of doing may actually repel the very things we're desiring and expecting!
But now ask yourself "If I don’t think I'm worthy of taking this time, would Source believe I truly value the things (peace, health, happiness and abundance) that I say I desire? ...things that come through meditation?" 
"Does Source believe I desire lowered stress?" "...more income?" "...solutions to problems?" "...a better life?" etc.
"By my actions, what am I showing Source I desire?"
Some people feel that spending time in meditation is selfish yet taking care of yourself assures that you have the ability to share more with others. Remember: the more abundance we have, the more we can share with others...the more time we have to be with family and friends...and the more adventures we may experience. 
So let's think about what meditation really is.  It's a quiet time, usually with eyes closed. 
Seems simple to me. How about you?
But is there more to it?  Well, there may be. It depends on what form of meditation you're using as well as what your intentions and expectations are.
Many people meditate to enhance spiritual growth and deepen inner peace.
They listen for the 'still, soft voice' of their Guidance/Source. Ask a question...receive an answer.
By the way, 'voice' may suggest you could be 'hearing voices' like a mentally ill person. Not so. Some people may seem to hear something but it's almost always 'inside their head' not in their ears. Most often, it's a thought or series of thoughts on the same or similar theme.
Some people use this quiet time to 'program' for specific manifestations such as improved health, a life partner, a new job...in other words, a specific outcome.
Other benefits would be managing stress, energize, center and balance the physical, emotional and mental bodies. No matter why you take this quiet time - meditation - you benefit.
I'd like to remind you of the saying “energy flows where attention goes.” 
Every time you have a thought - no matter what the topic - you've turned on a magnet that draws it to you. Certainly if you have few thoughts on one topic, it's a very weak magnet. Lots of thoughts means a strong magnetic attraction.
Lots of thoughts on your desired outcome or goal, makes a strong attraction. If your thoughts are fearful, then you're attracting situations which cause you to feel more fear! 
Whenever you repeatedly think of the same thing, you're drawing it to you. 
Whether you're a Silva Graduate or not, you can take a few minutes, a few times a day, to just sit with your eyes closed. Follow your breath and let your mind grow quieter. Know that on the in-breath you're experiencing healthy energy. On the out-breath, you send out worry, stress, tension and limiting beliefs. Doing this slows the mind-chatter.
Sitting quietly for 15 minutes, three times a day improves health - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
This can make a powerful difference in your life...even if all you do is take time to breathe.
Have questions? Email me at Barbara.SilvaStars@gmail.com
Better & Better,
Barbara Hawkins

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