Out of town Silva Classes Contact: Barbara Hawkins

Become a Sponsor / Organizer for Silva in your area!

This Agreement is Negotiable

Per this agreement:

  • ORGANIZER/SPONSOR tuition is reduced to $395!
  • ORGANIZER/SPONSOR receives 20% commission on net class income!
  • ORGANIZER/SPONSOR is listed on my website as an Ambassador for Silva in your area. 

Barbara Hawkins, INSTRUCTOR, will

  •  Teach the Silva Life System and/or Silva Intuition Training in 2 days or agreed upon time frame.
  • The hours are Saturday and Sunday 9:00am - 7:00pm
  • Provide all materials for conducting the class unless appropriate items are on-site.
  • Suggest new students for the class.
  • While it’s the intention that all interested persons can attend, seating priority is given to new students.
  • Provide manuals and certificates for new students.
  • Provide all Graduates’ certificates
  • Pay Sponsor/Organizer 20% commission on class net income. (Instructor's travel expenses etc. are part of this equation.)


  • Locate a meeting site. This can be in a private residence if there's adequate room Or it may be a public venue.  Instructor’s approval is necessary before publicizing the class. All deposits/fees are paid by the Organizer/Sponsor and are reimbursed by the Instructor when the class is confirmed - no later than 3                            weeks before the class is held.  If there's a fee, Instructor pays for either directly to the venue or by reimbursing the Organizer/Sponsor.
  • Locate / recommend Instructor's overnight accommodations and provide contact information.  This could be in a student’s home or a nearby hotel / motel which Instructor approves. Typically, this is a Friday through Sunday night stay but it may be longer. This is negotiable.
  • Costs for items such as coffee, tea, water, etc. must be discussed and approved by the Instructor, Barbara Hawkins, in advance.  Availability/extra cost of items such as coffee, tea, cold water, media, white-board, markers, erasers also must be identified, discussed and agreed in advance.
  • Any monies to be reimbursed by the Instructor, Barbara Hawkins, must be identified and agreed upon at the time of this agreement.  Unforeseen costs must be discussed with Instructor, Barbara Hawkins, as soon as they are known.
  • Together with the Instructor, Barbara Hawkins, the Organizer/Sponsor is responsible for guaranteeing a minimum of 8 (eight) new students in addition to Sponsor/Organizer. (The number of students is negotiable.) Tuition can be collected by the Sponsor, or by the Instructor, Barbara Hawkins, OR, preferably, individuals can register / pay through PayPal, a secure online server.  There is no limit on the number of Graduates attending as long as there is adequate room.
  • The normal class tuition for a new student is $597. 
  • The minimum amount payable to Instructor would be $4760 - a combined total of  tuition paid to Sponsor and to Instructor, Barbara Hawkins.
  • This amount may vary if discounts have been granted. Discounts may only be granted by the Instructor, Barbara Hawkins.
  • Graduate sitting fee is $50 unless otherwise agreed in advance of class.
  • The Sponsor must pay the above minimum amount to Barbara Hawkins, Instructor, at least 3 (three) weeks prior to the scheduled class.  This is negotiable. Note: Any tuition collected by Instructor, Barbara Hawkins, will be deducted from the minimum amount due from Organizer/Sponsor.
  • If there are any cancellations (resulting in less than a total of 8 new students) the Organizer/Sponsor is responsible to fill the seat and replace the refunded tuition. If the seat cannot be filled, the Organizer/Sponsor is responsible for that tuition amount. This is negotiable.
  • Any tuition from late-registering new students or Graduate sitting fees are payable in full to the Instructor, Barbara Hawkins, on the first day of the class.