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Comments From Some of My Graduates:

'Those four days were life-changing for me and continue to bear gorgeous fruit. The private coaching has been top-of-the-charts wonderful! I know I will employ more coaching as I go along.

I also visit my lab regularly and use the magnificent tools you shared with me. My imagination is getting freer (rather than better), and I am enjoying pushing the boundaries. So much going on in my mind. As I read books, whether fantasies or fairy tales or shamanic teachings and other nonfiction such as Louise Hay's books, I take what I learn to my laboratory and let my vision expand to incorporate ideas into the Silva method umbrella. It's the most exciting, most fertile time I have ever experienced in my many decades of active imagining. Truly, no limits. I thank you first and foremost for that. You showed up in my life when I was ready to move forward. Thank you for being you.  Olivia Hoyt


I hoped to learn tools for healing and for accessing greater/deeper levels of consciousness and creativity and intuition. The tools are varied and versatile, and the learning is progressing faster than what I had anticipated, more line with what I hoped, and then beyond. … the practical simplicity of the techniques and the careful presentation, preview and experience. I hugely appreciated being able to ask questions as we went through the material and to receive rich answers from both Barbara and Jean(sp) as well as other classmates. Multi-dimensional learning. The course felt tailor-made to my needs. Again, Barbara, you are so creative and versatile, adapting the course material to your group’s level. … the course is practical, useful, commonsense, and also like a dream come true in terms of what I have wanted to learn.  Olivia Hoyt.


The SIS course was life changing. The trajectory of my life is forever changed for the better!  ... through this system, the understanding gleaned and its processes, I can truly be of service to humanity. If (someone is) stuck in a rut and wanting change but don’t know how to do it, this system offers a means to a fulfilling end and new beginnings.  Christopher G.

"Take it! It will enhance your life"  Jane M.

"Excellent Great investment" Brian H.

"It is an amazing course that will give you tools and techniques that you can use in all aspects for manifesting and improving yourself and your world." Carla C.

"...very informative, inspirational weekend. Thank you so much!" Marilyn I.

"so many tools for solving problems on a new level ... best weekend learning workshop I have every taken! Thank you for a wonderful weekend."  Renee P.

"3 Fingers - it's an everyday thing I love! Mirror of the Mind makes me confident. Glass of Water - can't wait to do this more and more!"  Sam R.

(What did you enjoy most?)  "The energy level. The kindred spirits. Barbara's teaching. The ability to change habits, The ability to change weaknesses into strengths."  (Sandy V.)

"... a gift to yourself for ultimate opportunity to improve. Really looking forward to adding wonderful habits now and rid of old habits." Eric. V.

"...I learned a great and consistent way to stay in a relaxed, extremely productive state of mind and that Silva provided tools and techniques to achieve goals, gain inspiration, connect with yourself, higher self, subconscious self, and others through a consistent methodology that covers everything from initial inspiration through visualization, taking action and KNOWING that results will come. I would also share that one must be careful and fully accurate as we get what we do and ask for!"  Kelly K.

During a follow-up call, a recent Life System Graduate gave me what I consider high praise when she said:  "I really like how you listen to me." She then added that she noticed that I didn't interrupt her, jump in and solve her problem for her.  Christa G.

On Facebook a Graduate said "Thank you for bringing your tools for happiness to so many."  Jeff P.


About the Silva Life System

A letter from a recent Graduate:

I have good reason for being enthusiastic about the Silva System which was facilitated by Barbara Hawkins and assisted by Jeanne Guinn.  I have received incredible benefits. Since I began using the techniques, I definitely have more peace of mind. I receive more intuitive guidance which has lead me to a positive career change.  I have more energy and less pain.

From a scientific point of view, my liver and kidney values are improved. I can only contribute “going to level” for the detoxification of the body.

With Barbara’s guidance, I learned to enter alpha at will and program positive changes in my life.

We also did a very helpful mental housekeeping exercise to discover and weed out unproductive hidden beliefs.

I have learned not to own an unproductive attitude or malady but to express it as a fleeting experience that is getting better and better.

I especially enjoy the use of “cancel, cancel.” I say this to myself when I hear a negatively charged statement from another person or from myself.

In short, since I have implemented the Silva System, it feels like everything works out for me without a lot of work on my part.

I encourage whoever finds themselves reading this to take a course from Barbara and use the techniques to create the life you desire.

Better and better, Sue V.

" extremely positive weekend ... a lot of mental work but very uplifting, providing real tools to understand what is necessary to remove personal obstacles and roadblocks."  Amanda K.

The course "has facilitated positive, practical, real life results for me." Susan V.

"Barbara and Jeanne make a great team. Love Barbara's smooth deliberate cadence and confidence. Jeanne is a great reader. ... Pacing was great."  Marcia F.

"This is serious work which brings so much joy."  Tanya E.

"Going into level is a different feeling than you would think. I have had this feeling before, and I wasn't aware that I was in a meditative state." ... "I had an excellent experience, especially the tangents and the questions." Sydney P.

"I really truley enjoyed this class. Learning new ways to open up my mind to help not only myself but others, made me feel better and more fulfilled."  Isaac P.

"It is a life changing and totally worth it!"

"It was an amazing, life-changing experience for me."

re Mental Housecleaning "It really made me realize the power of the human mind...I enjoyed everything."

"I absolutely loved every second of it and am really looking forward to the next class.  I learned so much and can hardly wait to utilize it all..."  Paul H.

"It's so relaxing and amazing to go to the Alpha level and I'm looking forward to the results it will bring. I like to hear about personal experiences of the instructor...very good in answering questions and clarifying." Kathy S.

"It was a wonderful experience. I am applying it to more projects and will let you know how it works out." Anand G.

"Full of great tools, insights, very practical...I want my whole family to through the program." SV

"Fabulous.  You would be well served to take it!  Good setup.  Great explanations with examples given.  Barbara is an excellent, dynamic instructor who teaches to the students who show up -- as in her examples are geared to interest and experience of students in each class." Jeanne G.


About the Silva Intuition Training

(What did you enjoy the most?) "open, intense discussions, lots of real examples and practical information...I found all exercises very interesting truly engaging and educational. I look at the world very differently after taking the classes." SV

(I would tell people) "that this could help them in many ways to be calmer, more focused and get in touch with their life purposes".  Jennifer L.

"Barbara is an excellent instructor.  Professional but not stodgy.  She uses humor and class participation to keep everyone engaged.  She allows adequate discussion time and answer all questions.  I'd recommend anything she does to everyone who's ready to grow!!"  Ed S.

"I would have to say it's one of the best courses I've taken in my life!  It was such an eye-opening (really it's more like MIND-opening isn't it?) and beneficial life experience.  I now perceive myself, my MASSIVE abilities and everyone and everything in the universe in a more positive and special light than I did prior to the course." Paul H.


About The Silva Coaching with Barbara

When I first contacted Barbara; I was at a loss in every way. I had just been laid off from the third job in a row with long stretches of unemployment in between. My intention was to re-do the Silva training which I had just remembered that I'd forgotten . . . After emigrating to this country just at the first signs of a recession; the ensuing few years of depressingly poorly paid menial jobs, long hours of travel, long hours at those jobs and no room for any type of entertainment or levity - I forgotten all that I had learnt with the burden of scraping by.

I remembered that I had done the full Silva training; and forgotten it. I rang Barbara to join the next seminar; only to find that ... there was no immediate class scheduled in the Seattle area.

She compassionately agreed to give me some coaching on the phone. I took those things she said and applied them as best I could and discovered I was so angry I didn't know what to do with all that emotion. During our next conversation, Barbara pointed out a couple of things, suggested others and just talked to me. Having someone who knew and understood what I was saying and how I was processing was a profound relief. THEN came the turning point.

That was the beginning of October 2012; I'm writing this on Jan 1 2013. At the end of October I landed a seasonal job for a well known, highly respected company in my field. I was hired at the end of my interview. I was literally jumping for joy. Barbara was the second person I called. When I started working, I paid attention to what I was doing, how I was doing it, doing whatever else I was asked with good cheer to the best of my ability.

Last Friday I was offered a full time position - which of course, I accepted with joy. I have the hours I like, the pay is very good; it is at this time, my perfect job.

The only thing that would be the ice-cream on the cake, would be the opportunity to hug Barbara. I haven't even met her face to face yet and she helped shift a blockage so profound that my whole personality was depressed and depressing. As a coach, she's brilliant. All of this only took 3 conversations - imagine how you could improve your life if she was your coach! Imagine how rich your life would be with her as a friend . . . 

I have decided that I want Barbara in my life, however that works out. 

Vesna P.
Seattle, WA

Thank you, Barbara. You did save me from more depressing drudgery, at the very least. Thanks to you, and your coaching, I will be out of debt in the next couple of months!
Affectionately and thankfully


About The Silva Method Basic Course

"Barbara, you have done wonders for my life!  You are an inspiration and a beacon of hope and change and freedom in this sometimes dark world.  You selflessly give and then give again!  I still remember my first class with you that was many moons ago.  I remember the awe and wonder and tears from me and others who finally found out the power that each of us has within that is ready to awaken.

"God will bless you in so many ways for all the years to come!  Thank you for sharing with other the power that Jesus talked about so many times.

"Thank You for helping me believe!"  Kurt K. (on Facebook)