Silva Life System and Intu8itio System

May 26, 2017

Clear a path to Higher Mind with The Silva Life System!

This powerful, life-changing training is a step-by-step process that allows you to develop the untapped potential of your mind.

Through this course you...

establish an easy-to-use 'path' to the meditative state - associated with intuition and creativity

contact your guidance for deeper understanding and better decision-making

reduce stress, leading to better health and well-being

develop a more positive attitude

develop greater control of your mind -- greater concentration, clarity and focus

develop a better memory

establish methods for manifesting your life desires by using the ‘tools of the mind’ - visualization and imagination

learn techniques to solve problems, regardless of whether they are rooted in the past, exist in the present or may exist in the future

Within you lies the secret that unlocks life's possibilities.

Learn how to develop the natural mental power of attraction we all possess.

Techniques/exercises in the Life System:

Mental Housecleaning

The Long Relax

Sleep Technique

Awake Technique

Dream Recall and Use Technique

Hand Levitation

Headache Control

Glove Anesthesia

Glass of Water (programming water)

Mental Screen

Memory Pegs

Three Fingers Technique

Mirror of the Mind

Fantastic Voyage

Laboratory Counselors

Healing Exercise



The Silva Intuition Training is designed to allow anyone to recognize and use their intuitive senses therby experiencing a life enriched with reliable and consistent intuitive guidance.

This powerful, life-changing training is a step-by-step process that allows you to develop the untapped potential of your mind. Master the art of dynamic meditation.

Some call it ESP, some call it the sixth sense, remote viewing, and some call it a "gut feeling" - but whatever name it goes by, intuition boosts success, creativity, happiness and health in those who know how to harness it.

Find Your Life's Purpose and use your creativity to move toward this goal

Establish a constant connection with Source Energy

Learn how to use your intuition reliably whenever you need it

Make wise choices / decisions to solve problems for yourself and others

Once you connect with your life plan (or mission), you learn powerful visualization techniques to solve problems you might face that could keep you from being successful. Take Creative Visualization to a new level!

The Silva Intuition Training is designed to help you achieve what you desire, what you choose to manifest!

Learn how to apply the technique of 'Distant Healing' for yourself and others - Amazingly, the scientific community and health professionals are only now beginning to speak out about a concept Jose Silva knew and taught for years… that "the mind is the driving force behind healing."



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